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Apr 2018

Digital transformation - fear or fortune for the finance sector?


Discover what digital transformation means for the finance sector

Technology has been innovating at an exponential rate with many sectors facing a unique set of challenges. Our expert panel in this live debate focuses on the finance sector, you’ll hear insight from:

  • Ana Perales, Director, Barclays UK, Strategic Transformation
  • Emily Saltmer, Head of Leadership Development, Legal & General
  • Savvas Koufou, Head of People Consulting, Banking KPMG
  • Elizabeth McManus, Head of Leading Transformation & Engagement, The Oxford Group
  • Andy Dent, Territory Manager, ILM

They’ll be discussing specific challenges faced by the finance sector and what this means for organisations, including:

  • the way customers interact with banks and insurance companies.
  • the demands placed on learning and development to meet the new needs of the business.
  • the support available from outside the sector to enable a rapid rate of change.

If you work in HR, L&D, Talent Management or in a digital transformation role within the finance sector this is one for you.

Watch the webinar recording